Twanna House came to Consulate Health Care of Pensacola, in Pensacola, FL in January 2017. After hearing about all that she has accomplished during her first year, it’s hard to believe that she hasn’t been there for several years!

Twanna’s official title is human resources generalist, and her responsibilities cover a wide range of human resources activities. She works on payroll, recruitment, and also assists with scheduling and personnel file management. She makes sure that employee birthdays and anniversaries are recognized, and also works with the executive director on employee engagement efforts.

What really stands out about Twanna is her ability to relate to people. Twanna told us that her job is much more than just a job, it’s about making a difference. One way that she makes a difference is by counseling employees who need guidance. She lets the employees know that they are valued as individuals and their personal well-being is of the utmost importance. One young man who she recently assisted credits Twanna with saving his life. Twanna said that being able to help another human is the most satisfying aspect of her job.

Twanna came to CHC of Pensacola with 20 years of human resources experience. Two years ago, she earned her master’s degree in human resources. Twanna worked in HR at another nursing home for five years, and found that “the wisdom you gain from the residents is priceless.” In fact, she said that the people in long-term care are a huge reason she loves the job so much. She loves to help people, whether that person is a resident, family member, or an employee.

“The wisdom you gain from the residents is priceless.”

Amazingly, Twanna is able to manage this job and also her role as a wife and mother to three children ranging in age from six to 18 years old. Twanna’s husband is the pastor of a local church. On Saturdays, the church comes to CHC of Pensacola to provide religious services for anyone who is interested. The residents have expressed their gratitude for having the services brought into their home.

Like any job, there are challenges. Twanna realizes that a small number of the employees struggle with negativity. She’s very honest in her response to a negative attitude, “If this is not a place for you, it’s not a place for you, but do not spread negativity.” Twanna knows that staying focused on continual improvement in the care center and promoting longevity among employees is the key to preventing future negativity. She is committed to building strong relationships with employees and assuring people that they can count on her. She keeps an open door policy for her employees and believes that integrity is key to allowing people to trust you.

Twanna’s impact was described well by Leslie McDuffie, the business office manager at CHC of Pensacola., “From her co-workers to the residents, Ms. House always has a smile for everyone that crosses her path throughout the day. She is always willing to lend a hand where needed and is always the first to suggest ways to encourage our employees and to recognize them for the hard work that they do day in and day out.”

As far as the future, Twanna knows that she wants to stay with Consulate for as long as she can. She has learned from successes in her job that she might have a knack for being a life coach in addition to her role at Consulate. We know she will be a success in whatever role she assumes in the future.

Thank you Twanna for all you do, you are appreciated!