Joey Merindo always had a special love for the senior population and dreamt of working in a long-term care facility where she could help. After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, she started her journey in the field and found where she belonged. At Consulate Health Care of Norfolk, Joey is able to help the residents and their families while creating meaningful connections and developing relationships based on trust and accountability.

Since joining the care center team in 2018, she has felt like she was part of a big family. “The staff really wants to be here and are ready to help each other whenever, wherever they are needed,” she explained. With all the challenges this team faced during the last couple of years, they remained united and committed to providing the residents with excellent care.

Joey also mentioned her counterpart, Jessica, a social worker at the center, who supports her and is always open to sharing her knowledge. The executive director at the care center Christina Senabreitberg, is also someone Joey looks up to because of her leadership skills and compassion. “The staff is what I like the most about coming to work every day. They are my supporters and life educators,” Joey says.

“The staff is what I like the most about coming to work."

Along with many wonderful residents at Consulate Health Care of Norfolk, Joey has a favorite, her mother. “I love to go visit my mother and check in from time to time when I am here,” she said.  Joey believes that this is just an example of her trust in the staff at the care center. She knows that she will receive quality services and be provided with all the resources she needs while she is taken care of.

It is a pleasure to have Joey in our Consulate family. Thank you for taking care of our residents and going above and beyond each day to provide them with compassionate, excellent services. We appreciate you, Joey!

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