At Consulate Health Care, our Core Values mean everything to us. They define not only who we are as individuals, but are the fundamental principles that guide us each day in our mission of Providing Service with Our Hearts and Hands. Not just because it’s our job, but because it’s our calling.

Our employees are dedicated in helping pave a path home for our short-term patients and know the importance of making Consulate Health Care a place to get better, and a place to live for our long-term residents. Treating people like loved ones and taking the extra measures to create the comforts of home during a critical time makes us who we are. As Ambassadors of Care, our employees provide a steady calm during critical times for our patients, residents, and their families.

From our mission come stories that our employees have lived – and are living on a daily basis. They are amazing, impactful – and most importantly, 100% real. Our employees’ embodiment of our Core Values changes the way our patients, residents, and families think about care and perpetually demonstrates why Consulate is at the heart of caring. We’ve created this channel to share the heartwarming stories of compassion, honesty, integrity, respect, passion and so much more.

Headshot of Anna Hodge with the words "passion" and "compassion" printed underneath

A contagious passion for care

Fueled by “contagious” passion, Anna Hodge makes Magnolia Health and Rehab a brighter place for residents and staff. Learn more about how her career journey and growth, and how she’s passing the core values on to the next generation.

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Headshot of Charlene Revell with the text "respect" printed underneath

A lifelong heart for seniors

LPN Charlene Revell’s respect and admiration for seniors began when she was just a little girl. Now she’s made a career out of serving them with compassion. Learn more about her journey and how she embodies a Consulate CHIRP employee.

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The gift of listening

Cynthia Stainback, LPN, understands the power of listening, and the difference that a little extra TLC can make in the lives of residents and their families. Learn more about her story and what sparked her calling to become a nurse.

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