The value of hard work

Tom Rodriguez, of Plantation Bay Rehabilitation Center in St. Cloud, Florida has an impeccable work ethic. In combination with the drive of his co-workers and some very motivated patients, the possibilities for physical therapy success are endless.

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The power of listening

Tosha Williams, a CNA at Heritage Healthcare Center in Tallahassee, Florida, understands the importance of listening, and she uses these skills every day at work.

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Growing with Bonview

Jade Hossain was hired as a receptionist at Bonview Rehabilitation and Healthcare, in Richmond, Virginia, nearly two years ago. It wasn’t long until Jade was assisting all administrative departments at Bonview in some form.

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M&M rice crispy treats

Drew Buckingham, human resources coordinator from Cary Health and Rehabilitation Center in Cary, North Carolina, shares his recipe for M&M rice crispy treats.

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