In the Creative Services department at Consulate Health Care’s Atlanta headquarters, graphic designer Cameron Shiflett’s job is, essentially, to make things pop.

Shiflett began his professional graphic design career working freelance and part-time jobs before joining the Consulate team four years ago as a print assistant. Fast-forward a few months into the job, when Consulate’s Creative Services Director, Fanny Naritama, assigned Shiflett a design challenge. He aced the project and was promoted to a full-time designer position.

With his diligence, focus, formal training, and natural eye for aesthetics, Shiflett is an exceptional employee, and in the words of Brand Manager Dawn McDaniel, “a great asset to the Consulate family. . . a great team player.”

While some may consider him more a “behind the scenes” player, Shiflett upholds an important role in keeping Consulate running, and brightens the lives of residents and staff in each and every care center—one burst of color and dash of lettering at a time.

Naritama was eager to sing his praises: “Cameron goes above and beyond to meet deadlines despite multiple requests from the care centers [at any given time]. . . He’s always there to lend a hand.”

But Shiflett contributes even more than reliability, efficiency, and work ethic. Anyone who has worked in the Creative Services department alongside him can attest to his intelligence, skill, wit, and sly sense of humor. Shiflett serves the care centers well, but also boosts the morale of Atlanta corporate headquarters.

While Shiflett was nominated primarily for his display of core values honesty, respect, and passion, he explained the particular importance of integrity: “People with integrity are reliable, and seem to go beyond what is expected of them to help out as best they can.”

Shiflett consistently rises to the occasion, whether it’s pitching in with a roll-out, editing video, answering questions about design or the company itself, or assisting with care center needs, such as event promotion or recognition and awards.

“People with integrity are reliable, and seem to go beyond what is expected of them to help out as best they can.”

Shiflett offered his advice to aspiring graphic designers: “Always keep learning more, stay up-to-date with current design trends, and look at designs you’ve done in the past and that the company has used in the past, and learn from those if you can.”

In his free time, Shiflett enjoys hanging out with friends, playing board games, traveling, editing audio for a podcast, and watching bad movies on Netflix.

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