“She is a teacher, a mentor, and she really seems to love our facility and wants the best for it every day.  Kesha is always available with a fresh idea to help us move forward with our employee retention, to make if fun and rewarding, and add a bit of brightness to our lives here at Envoy. She is truly an inspiration.” This is what Dorothy Norris, human resources coordinator at Envoy of Westover Hills, in Richmond, VA, had to say about Lakesha Edwards.

Kesha is the medical records coordinator at Envoy of Westover Hills, where she has worked since September of 2015. Her history in long-term care goes back much longer than that, as she has been working for the company since the beginning of her career in 1996.

"Kesha is always available with a fresh idea..."

Kesha loves to come into work each day knowing that she has the ability to help residents, staff, and family members. We heard a story that is a perfect example of Kesha’s devotion to the residents. A female resident at Envoy was in need of basic necessities, including clothes and shoes. Kesha went to her mother’s home and collected clothes, shoes, and wigs that her mother was no longer using. Kesha brought the items to the resident who was immensely grateful for the items.

Kesha really appreciates the energy at the care center and the teamwork among the staff. In addition to her dedication to the residents, she brings brightness into the lives of the other employees. She plans dress-up days for the care center, where she gets permission for the staff to wear a certain color t-shirt on a Friday. The colors usually coincide with an awareness initiative, like wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. To add a special twist to another day, Kesha coordinated a make-your-own potato bar at the care center. The staff is grateful for the special days and activities.

When asked about Consulate’s Core Values, Kesha mentioned that Passion is the most important. She said that you have to have passion to take care of the residents. They each have a different reason for being admitted to the care center, so you need to really understand their needs. She also mentioned the importance of respect, and gave a great example of showing respect while delivering patient care. Kesha has learned proactive steps to help Alzheimer’s patients maintain their privacy and dignity.  Because some of the staff has less experience than Kesha, she has been able to share her helpful advice, and now the newer staff has the knowledge and support to prevent potentially uncomfortable situations.

Dorothy said that Kesha brings brightness to everyone’s lives at Envoy of Westover Hills, and after learning more about Kesha, it’s apparent that she is a valuable gem that is treasured throughout the organization.