Joan Westover is the Social Services Director at Consulate Health Care of West Altamonte. Originally from Pennsylvania, Joan moved to Florida and started working long-term care after a friend referred her to the aging field. Now, at the center for over a decade, she became an indispensable part of the team.

Working with social services, Joan is quick to adapt to tackle any issues and solve any problems her residents or staff might have. She has an excellent rapport with both the residents at the center and their families, working tirelessly to ensure all their needs are met. Her coworkers explain “she is the go-to person in the building when we need assistance.”

Her remarkable relationship with both the staff and the residents motivates her to come to work each day. “I want to use my days at the center assuring our residents that everything is going to be okay,” she said. Joan cherishes the moments she shares with each individual at Consulate Health Care of West Altamonte. “Just sitting there listening to them and being able to share a laugh is what makes my day,” Joan shared.

Now working at the center for over ten years, there are many unique people that she has had the pleasure to meet and learn about their stories. Mrs. Breton was one of them. Joan recalls meeting Mrs. Breton when she was chosen to move into the care center permanently. Every Monday night, her granddaughter would pick her up at the center, and they would go to pub bingo. “She was always so motivated,” Joan recalls. “I aspire to be like her at 95 years old.

Joan’s integrity and compassion make her a phenomenal part of the care center team. She says she is grateful to be part of such a collaborative team. Rafael Fonseca, Executive Director at Consulate Health Care of West Altamonte, points to Joan as an integral part of the team they build. “She is always willing to go the extra mile without hesitation or putting anything before the needs of her residents,” he explained.

Having staff members capable of demonstrating empathy and compassion towards our residents is what we strive for at Consulate Health Care. Joan is one of those individuals we are honored to as part of our care team. Her integrity and passion for her job and the people she serves are why she deserves to be spotlighted. Thank you for all you do, Joan. We appreciate you and the service you provide to our residents.

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