This past year has been challenging for our residents, but our staff members were also impacted by the social distancing guidelines, visitation restrictions, and other effects of the pandemic. With all of that going on, the members of our Consulate family have been working extra hard to ensure our residents are safe and cared for. Our care center leaders have been very creative with the initiatives they are putting in place to recognize their staff’s commitment and dedication.

The Island Health and Rehabilitation Center is one of them. Leaders at the center put together what they called Island Day, an entire day dedicated to celebrating their staff. Their first annual celebration had the purpose of recognizing the staff’s dedication and hard work throughout the pandemic and hardships they faced this past year.

During the day, they celebrated staff’s tenure of one year, five years, ten years, 15 years, and 20 years. They also received awards for the best team player, best attendance, and many more during the Palms Awards. “It was a fun way to say thank you to our team for giving their all and coming here every day to provide the best care to our residents,” said Stephanie Showers, Executive Director.

The residents also enjoyed the day with a live concert outdoors. The center brought the resident’s favorite entertainer, Dr. Whom, for some great live music. Everyone was able to enjoy the concert and dance the day away safely. “We were all tired when we came back inside,” the staff explained. “None of our residents wanted to stop dancing. It was awesome.”

Along with the Human Resources Department, who took care of the awards and recognitions, and the Activities & Community Life Department, putting together the entertainment for the day, Island’s Executive Director, Stephanie Showers, started planning the celebration in January. “The goal was to recognize all of our staff in a safe way while also enjoying the day and having fun,” she explained.

The center also provided the staff with themed shirts and delicious meals. Regional leaders also came to the event to thank everyone and celebrate their accomplishments in person. Vice President of Operations for Florida East division, Renee Tutor, gave a kind speech during the event to recognize the staff’s dedication to the Consulate’s mission.

Staff and residents at the center are already excited for next year’s Island Day and Palms Awards. The celebration was a fantastic way to thank each of their members for their commitment to the residents and the care they give.

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