Roy “Clinton” Turner was born in Iredell County, NC, in 1937. Roy dropped out of High School after 8th grade and joined the US Marines when he was 17. After serving our country, he acquired his GED, attended college in Tennessee, and became a North Carolina Registered Land Surveyor, his life’s work.

When Mr. Turner was 81, he was involved in a car accident. As a result, he is now living at Cardinal Healthcare and Rehabilitation. From time to time, Roy, as he is called at the center, would use magazines and make collages with supplies from the Activities Department. Upon the beginning of the pandemic and visitation restrictions, he then began drawing free-handed. With the encouragement from fellow residents and staff, Mr. Turner began drawing more and more, and even started displaying his talent throughout the facility. “I don’t know for sure, but I’ve drawn over 300 pictures,” he said.

He is most proud of his depiction of Jesus, which hangs outside his door. Roy will sometimes look at photos and try to recreate them. “I don’t even know what will end up on the page most of the time,” he explained.

This newfound hobby did not surface until quarantine began at Cardinal Healthcare. Roy spent the majority of his life drawing straight lines and measuring properties throughout the local community and never had the opportunity to free-draw. Many of his artwork appear on the walls throughout the building. Mr. Turner has and will draw just about anything from Monster Trucks to the 3 Wise men.

He enjoys drawing as it helps him and others to enjoy being at Cardinal Healthcare during these challenging times a little bit more. “It’s amazing what a colored pencil can do,” he said. His one wish is for the coronavirus to go away.

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