Anita Faulmann joined our Consulate family just one year ago, yet the impact that she has had on so many of our caregivers, residents and their families feels as though she’s been a part of our family for much longer.

As Executive Director at Largo Health and Rehab in Largo, FL, Anita came to us with an ambition to strategically lead the care center back to a state of health. Largo underwent rigorous survey periods, and her strong ability to cultivate her team of caregivers through its recertification process is a true testament to her natural leadership.

After streamlining processes and policies, Anita was able to also improve the physical appearance of the care center. The Largo family spirit was solidified by simply weeding the grass and arranging the landscaping, all with Anita there by their side, proving to them that she’s just as invested in the care center and its residents as they are.

Anita’s mantra of “don’t look back, we’re not going that way,” allowed the Largo family to learn from the past, but not get stuck in it. Everything they did was very strategic, allowing for a lot of education and discovery along the way. She came to Largo with the vision that failure was not an option; that together with the care center family, collectively they have the solutions to implement and instill confidence in each other to achieve success.

Through the journey, committees naturally formed; physical plant committee, discharge committee, staff education & employee morale committee, all with a focus on customer service. Anita says, “Everyone has the potential to be an “A” student, they just have to be willing to put the work in.” And that they did!

Everything that Anita has been exposed to her in career has shaped who she is as a long-term care professional. She believes that “whether the experience is good or bad, you have to open yourself up to the ability to be exposed to things – challenging, repetitious, anything – you won’t be able to learn if you can’t expose yourself to these situations.” Anita has also been a member of the Florida Health Care Association since she graduated college and started her career. She joined FHCA with a path in mind – to one day be fortunate enough to be elected President. She currently serves as Secretary and Executive Committee member of FHCA’s Board of Directors, and we hope to one day share her appointment as President.

It is because of her adaptability, drive to accomplish her goals, and these achievements at Largo that Consulate Health Care is proud to announce her promotion to Regional Vice President of Operations for our Florida Central region.

She shared “I am extremely excited to be in the RVPO role. I am hoping that through all of my exposure to various events, good and bad, that I can assist the region in achieving the goals and expectations of Consulate Health Care.”

Anita, we are confident that your operational experience, strong communication skills, detailed understanding of policies and regulations, and exceptional organizational and strategic planning skills will continue to impact our care centers’ successes, as well as encourage our family of caregivers to exhibit our Core Values each and every day.


Thank you for your commitment to what you do!