As Consulate’s receptionist in Maitland, Florida, Kimberly Chaires enthusiastically greets every person who enters the front door or calls Consulate’s main phone number.

Based on her confidence, positive attitude and easy manner, you might think that Kim has been doing this type of work for a long time. But, this is actually her first experience working for a large health care provider. Kim came to Consulate just over a year ago from her prior job as an office manager for a company that sells realty franchises. In that position, Kim worked closely with franchise broker-owners and helped to welcome new agents to the company. The job involved a lot of customer service, and Kim loved it. She stayed with that company for 15 years until the office moved too far away for Kim to commute. Lucky for us, she found her new home at Consulate Health Care.

“Kim is always smiling and offering help. It does not matter if she has her list of things to do, she is always available to make sure you are greeted and taken care of,” tells one member of our team in Maitland. “She has taken on the initiative to congratulate our executive directors on their achievements from Joint Commission accreditations, to other awards that she may catch news of. She notices employees’ birthdays and makes sure to wish them a happy birthday, careful not to miss someone.” In her own words, Kim said that she “wants people to feel good and recognized.”

It’s Kim’s listening skills that enable her to excel at her job. She often talks to family members and patients and is able to guide them to the assistance they are seeking. “If you take the time to get to know Kim, she’ll find a way to make sure you know she is listening and remembering stories you share… as she goes about her days and travels, she’ll find things that remind her of an employee or even that employee’s family/children,” says a co-worker. Kim possesses what she calls the “gift of service.” This gift allows her to help others each day by listening, understanding, caring, and giving.

You might also call Kimberly Chaires a lifelong learner. In her own words, Kim says that “she learns something new every day,” and she finds it extremely motivating. After hurricane Irma, Kim volunteered at our Lake Mary Health & Rehab Center to help the care center recover, and found that experience to be both an opportunity to provide service as well as a terrific learning experience.

"She learns something new every day."

Kim has lived in the Maitland zip code her entire life and has no intentions of leaving the area. In addition to her duties at Consulate, Kim enjoys fishing, collecting seashells and scuba diving. She is excited to continue learning and serving at Consulate for many years to come.