For the past 28 years, Cynthia Harris is the welcoming face everyone sees when walking through the doors at Consulate Health Care of Lake Parker. Always with a smile on her face, she is known around the care center for the excellent customer service she provides to residents, family members, vendors, and coworkers. As the receptionist at the care center, she does her job with compassion and respect.

Originally from Virginia, Cynthia moved to Florida in the early ’90s, where she resides. She first started working at the center in 1993 in the housekeeping department. After exploring a couple different positions, she found the perfect fit as the receptionist to practice her extraordinary communication and people skills.

“I love being around people and making a difference in people's lives."

Each day Cynthia comes to the center, she has the ability to brighten up her residents’ and coworker’s day. “I love being around people and making a difference in people’s lives,” she explained. Her goal is to make everyone at Consulate Health Care of Lake Parker smile. She said that by “trying to make their lives better, they would make mine better in return.”

Cynthia’s compassion shines through her everyday decisions. Her coworkers know they can always count on her, and she is always willing to help and constantly tries to put a smile on everyone’s faces. “She treats everyone with respect and equality,” her coworker Ashlee Harvill explained. “Cynthia comes in ready to work with a wonderful attitude daily and is always willing to help.”

With her position, she’s had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people during these past 28 years. One of them was a lovely lady who would come to her desk every day while living at the care center a few years ago. Cynthia remembers the lady would always bring a bag of goldfish and talk about her kids, grandkids, and even her favorite doctors. “She became my buddy,” Cynthia reminisces.

During her free time outside the care center, Cynthia loves to play with her dog and go on walks. She says Consulate Health Care of Lake Parker became a second home for her, and her coworkers are just like her family. Cynthia found the perfect position to combine her love for being around people and her enormous heart full of compassion. Her passion for her job makes her a valuable member of our Consulate family. Thank you, Cynthia, for your hard work and dedication this past 28 years!

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