During National Nurses Week 2021, we celebrate the Year of The Nurse. This past year presented our nurses with many challenges. But shining through all of the tough situations, we saw courage, hard work, commitment, kindness, and accomplishment. Our Consulate nurses showed their compassion and continued to treat residents, patients, and families with empathy and respect.

Our nurse leaders at Consulate Health Care continue to lead a powerful team of nurses through the COVID-19 pandemic. They ensure everyone is continuously informed of the ever-changing CDC and CMS guidelines and that safety measurements are in place at the care centers. Each of them demonstrate their leadership skills with respect and honesty. 

We would like to thank our nurse leaders, Bonnie Lawrence, Vice President of Quality of Life, Barbara Monaco, Vice President of Clinical Services, Maria Heinlein, Vice President of Quality Assurance & Clinical Practices, DeLena Stortz, Vice President of Regulatory Compliance,and  Deb Mack, Vice President of Clinical Services. They work diligently to ensure our teams have all the resources they need to provide our residents, patients, and families with excellent service and care for all their needs.

We caught up with a few of our nurse leaders to learn more about their journeys in the nursing field and asked them one simple, but powerful, question: Why did you become a nurse?

Bonnie Lawrence always wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl. Her passion for caring for others is what brought her to the nursing field. Bonnie remembers the moment she realized that nursing was truly her life’s calling. “My best memory of being a nurse was sitting in a room at night with a patient who was passing away and being able to help him come to terms with the dying process and help him work through issues that he didn’t feel he could talk to his family about,” she said. “While this was over 30 years ago, I still remember him. Mr. Bushey, wherever you are, thank you for confirming for me that nursing was my life’s calling.”

On the other hand, Maria Heinlein, recalls that being a nurse wasn’t on her radar after graduating high school. She knew that she was meant to do something where she could help people. “It was really my mom who started me down the path and pushed me to pursue a career in nursing,” she says.

DeLena Stortz, Vice President of Regulatory Compliance, says her path to becoming a nurse started when working with her father as an assistant at his medical practice. “Observing his passion for helping people who were sick really spoke volumes to me,” she said. “I realized then that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and do my part to help others.” After her father passed in 2013 at age 89, and after 60 years of practicing medicine, DeLena cherishes the memories of her time working with her dad and learning from him. “I am forever grateful to have witnessed his compassion for humanity, as well as for his belief in me to help and comfort others,” she explained.

Thank you, nurse leaders, for your dedication, compassion, and commitment to our mission! As we continue to celebrate National Nurses Week 2021, we want to honor all nurses across the country for their passion for caring for those in need. Thank you, nurses!

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