Jennifer Boles did not come directly to the long-term healthcare field. In fact, she did clerical work in a warehouse for 12 ½ years and then went back to college where she studied to be a mortician. Because she did not find a mortician job right away, she started managing two retail stores. Then, she began working as the receptionist at The Palace Health Care and Rehabilitation Center in Red Boiling Springs, TN in November 2017. She enjoyed the new position very much and it confirmed that healthcare was her true calling.

After approximately six months on the job as a receptionist, the position of Business Development Coordinator became available at the Palace, and Jennifer eagerly applied and got the job. For Jennifer, “it’s all about the residents.” She loves the residents and patients and feels very attached to them. When she was in the lobby as the receptionist, the residents were with her all of the time. They especially made her feel good when she walked into the building in the morning and was cheerfully greeted by her resident-friends.

"It's all about the residents."

In her role as Business Development Coordinator, Jennifer says, “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with the residents, and their families on all their pre-admission, admission, discharge and follow up needs.” She also told us that “I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.” The discussions that Jennifer has with the residents and patients make her appreciate them even more. She loves to listen to them talk about their past hardships and struggles, and it is these stories that have also affected the way Jennifer looks at her own life.

Jennifer’s new role comes with new challenges that Jennifer welcomes with enthusiasm. She loves that she is still learning new things every day. She told us that in a way, it’s like she is doing a puzzle. While she gets lots of referrals for new patients, she has to carefully determine if the patients are the best fit for the care center. Throughout the admission process, Jennifer enjoys the opportunity to communicate with patients, family members, case managers, insurance companies, staff, and many other parties. She also participates in community service and activities every month.

When we asked Jennifer about Consulate’s Core Values, she told us that Compassion is critical because when you are working with a sick resident, you must respect their needs. Sometimes, the patients just can’t wait to get home. In this case, Jennifer said it’s most important to listen to their ideas and show them that you care. “It means the world to them,” she said. She also believes that Respect and Passion are very important. The residents can tell that Jennifer enjoys their company. “I show them the same respect that I would show my mother or father,” she told us.

In her spare time, Jennifer is the devoted single mother of a ten-year-old son. She said that they do all kinds of activities together. She loves cheering him on at his football games, and they love to spend time together at the park and going out to eat. Jennifer feels like she has found her home at the Palace, and hopes to work there until she retires. We know that her patients and co-workers have the same wish. Thanks for all you do, Jennifer!

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