Von brings a special energy to Harbor Beach Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Having been there for only two years, he exudes the confidence of someone who has been there for a lifetime. Von is currently a receptionist at Harbor Beach, but began his career there as a CNA. He has a passion for helping people, and he wanted to make a difference. Von’s positive attitude and willingness to help is what got him into being a receptionist. When the previous receptionist left, Von was asked to step in because of his dedication and professionalism.

Although Von is excellent as a receptionist, he does miss being a CNA. He loves being a nursing assistant and would still really like to be a nurse one day, after he finishes nursing school. Von moved to the United States from the Philippines six years ago. He had studied nursing in the Philippines but was never able to finish before he moved, so he became a nursing assistant. Even though he is now the receptionist, he still loves the interaction he has with the residents, and talking to them. He said, “When people enter the building, I have the first chance to communicate with them”.

Interacting with the residents isn’t the only motivating part of coming to work. Von also loves the people that he works with. He gets along with everyone, and considers his co-workers to be friends. He said, “My supervisor is always willing to help me. I have learned a lot here at Harbor Beach”. Von’s director of nursing and the nurses he works with always encourage him to keep studying. They have even given him books so that he can continue learning. It’s a wonderful environment, which makes it easy to do his job.

"Von believes that Respect is the most important Core Value."

While working as a CNA, Von grew attached to one particular resident. She had an impact on him because she reminded him of his Grandmother. The bond that he had with her was very special, as he never had problems working with her. Other CNAs would offer to assist her and she would immediately ask for Von as if he was one of her own sons. Von says, “It felt great talking with her. We would just talk about her family, my family, everything”.

Von believes that Respect is the most important Core Value. He says, “Respect is the most important to me because when you treat the residents with respect, they appreciate it more than others”. Von has learned that the most important thing about working with the residents is showing them that you care. He said, “You can’t just do your job, you have to show that you’re passionate, respecting them as people, not as a job”.

Von truly shares his passion with everyone he meets, and it’s evident how much he wants to help. From the way he answers the phone, to the way he interacts with the residents, he is truly special. We thank you Von for choosing Consulate Health Care to share your energy and compassion with!