In celebration of September’s Stand Up to Cancer Day, we would like to share the stories of two of our strongest residents. These residents have experienced the scare of a cancer diagnosis, but with mental strength and determination, they remained positive as they battled the diagnosis head-on, ultimately defeating this terrible disease.
One of these strong women is Roberta, a breast cancer survivor and long-term resident of Charlwell House in Norwood, Massachusetts. Naturally, it was a gut-wrenching experience for Roberta when doctors noticed areas of concern, worried that her cancer may have returned. After a long month of waiting for test results, Roberta was relieved that thCancer_free_text_boxe results were negative and that she is still cancer-free! Overfilled with joy and ready to celebrate her victory, the Charlwell House family brought her congratulatory balloons which she proudly tied to her walker and proceeded to parade around the care center celebrating the good news.

Another celebration was just around the corner when the second of these two very strong women had won her battle with cancer. Carlene Peoples, a resident at Kenwood View Health and Rehabilitation in Salina, KS was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. She began a series of radiation treatments shortly after. It was a long and challenging road to recovery – she battled her cancer for years – but never let it beat her mental strength. Today, Carlene is ecstatic to announce that she is still cancer-free. The Kenwood View family is so happy to celebrate her success and continue supporting her as she stands up to cancer each and every day.

We have great respect for Roberta and Carlene, who have shown us their strength through battling cancer. Staff and residents at Charlwell and Kenwood will continue to be inspired by their courage every day.