Music buffs and casual listeners alike can all agree on one thing: Without the likes of Chopin and Bach, there would be no Frank Sinatra, The Beatles or any of the other melodic icons you’ve come to know and love. Whether or not you regularly tune into the classical genre, you should take a moment to celebrate its influence this September, during Classical Music Month. Here are a number of ways you can participate.

Attend a musical performance

If you’ve never seen a symphony perform live, now’s the perfect time! Check out your local options for classical music performances in your area. Typically, classical concerts adhere to a certain theme or composer, so survey your options and see what event appeals to you. If your choices are limited or professional tickets are too expensive, look at school event listings for your region. Chances are there’s an impressive high school or college musical group playing classical tunes somewhere in your area.

Donate to a performance venue

If you’re already an avid classical music fan and you regularly venture out to your city’s symphony hall, consider making a monetary contribution to this venue’s success. Weekend Notes explains that many arts centers rely entirely on donations and grants to stay up and running, so even the smallest gift can help. You can also make donations to local music education programs, as these are always appreciative of supplemental funding.

If you play an instrument, consider learning some new classical tunes this September.

Listen up

Of course, the best way to appreciate classical music is by listening to it regularly. During September, make it a goal to start your day with a new classical song each day. Put on a record while you eat breakfast, clean up around the house and go about your day. Soon enough, you’ll probably battend a classical music performancee able to discern between composers, and maybe even pick out specific instruments! If you spend time with grandchildren, encourage them to read or do homework while you play your classical tunes. Year Round Homeschooling explains that instrumental melodies serve as subconscious motivators, helping kids maintain a steady rhythm and focus as they work.

Learn something new

Even if you’ve been listening to classical music your whole life, chances are there’s plenty you don’t know about this historic genre. September is an excellent time to read biographies about the great composers of the past. Once you’ve identified the musicians you enjoy the most, search your local library or bookstore for more information about their lives.

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