Diane Howard, the business office manager at Consulate Health Care of Lakeland, in Lakeland, FL, hasn’t always worked in healthcare. However, she has a history of providing excellent customer service at companies including Disney and Geico. Her high expectations for great service guide her behavior every day.

According to Cindy Zampino, the regional director for business office management, “Diane is that kind voice, that person that stops and listens and is always willing to assist in solving problems.” Zampino nominated Howard for the CHIRPs spotlight based on Howard’s strong demonstration of compassion and integrity, two of Consulate’s core values. Howard is always ready to express her thoughts regarding how things should be handled. Howard said, “I appreciate that Lakeland is the type of place where we can challenge each other with constructive arguments, allowing us to find the best solution for a challenge.”

Howard said that working at Lakeland is “a different type of beast,” because of the tight family atmosphere where everyone supports one another. It reminds her of the old television show, The Waltons. At the end of the show, you could hear each family member saying goodnight to each other, with the final goodnight going to Johnboy. At the end of a workday at Lakeland, Howard said that she can hear her coworkers saying goodnight outside her door. Because it was so reminiscent of the old tv show, one night, she responded, “Goodnight, Johnboy,” and everybody laughed.

With all of the energy that Howard pours into her job, it’s surprising to learn that she is also a full-time college student with a husband and five children at home. She’s obviously a fantastic role model of compassion and integrity at home, as evidenced by her oldest child choosing to work at Lakeland as a CNA. We look forward to seeing Howard’s career continue to flourish at Consulate Health Care.

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