Marlo Parrish, the central supply CNA at Consulate Healthcare of Lakeland, in Lakeland, Florida will “do whatever it takes.” She has been a loyal teammate at the care center for over 20 years. During that time, her roles have included: certified nursing assistant, van driver, medical records coordinator and central supply CNA. She has also pitched in from time to time by doing laundry, cleaning rooms, cooking, and doing dishes. Throughout the years, Parrish has carried out these roles while constantly exhibiting all five of Consulate’s core values.

When visitors come to Consulate Healthcare of Lakeland, they often comment, “Wow, it seems like you all are like a family.” Parrish agrees with that comment. She said  that the employees and residents are a tight community, so they “cry together and laugh together like a family.” She also pointed out that the employees are so tight, that nurses and CNAS are constantly pulling together to make sure every resident’s needs are met. During our interview, Parrish was constantly referring to her colleagues as the “Dream Team.”

Recently, Parrish saw that one of the residents was crying. She escorted the patient out to the patio, where they sat and Parrish listened compassionately while the resident talked about her family. The one-on-one time left the patient feeling much better afterwards.

Parrish’s shared advice for others working in care centers. She said to “love one another, work as a team, and respect each other and respect yourself.” As a co-worker, she has had the opportunity to advise younger employees and provide support to peers as they have struggled with personal losses.

Looking toward the future, Parrish intends to keep working at Consulate Health Care of Lakeland, and helping out wherever needed. At home, she spends her free time with her husband and children.

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