It’s no secret that Stephanie Jenkins is happy in her job as a CNA. Her smile radiates the love and warmth she feels for her residents at Lakeside Oaks Care Center in Dunedin, FL. The fondness she has for the residents is reflected directly back to Stephanie.

It’s the little things she does that make a difference. Stephanie told us that she likes to “go above and beyond for her residents. It could be me or my mother who needs the care one day.”

Stephanie can be found helping residents apply makeup or shave, and upon request, she is delighted to braid her resident’s hair! With her actions, she delivers her caring touch, literally living out Consulate’s mission of “Providing service with our hearts and hands.

"It could be me or my mother who needs the care one day.”


Stephanie has been providing compassionate care to her residents for nearly three years at Lakeside Oaks, though she had prior healthcare experience in both Kentucky and South Carolina. She told us that one of her favorite things about Lakeside Oaks is that it “feels like the whole team is family, due to the teamwork.” She specifically mentioned that the executive director, Andre Mervil-Lamour, makes it clear that he cares about the employees’ thoughts and concerns. She also gave credit to Kimberle Wey, the nurse staffing coordinator. “I see her as a tough person, but she is a very strong woman, and she comes out shining bright in the end.” She told us how Kimberle will come in at night and take assignment, sacrificing precious family time.

Stephanie also appreciates the way the patients teach her a variety of life lessons. When dealing with a patient who is having a difficult day, Stephanie has learned the virtue of patience. She has learned to keep up her bubbly demeanor in order to help dissipate the frustration being acted out by the resident. She recommends that CNAs always keep calm and composed even in the most difficult of situations. Stephanie has found that patients will open up to her if she uses this empathetic approach.

Stephanie would like to stay at Lakeside Oaks for as long as possible. In the long term, she has the goal of becoming a physical therapist. Stephanie, the entire Consulate family appreciates your enthusiasm and hard work. You are really making a difference in our patients’ lives.

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