When we heard about Cookie Rogers at Beneva Lakes Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Sarasota, FL, we knew we had to meet her. Laura Blackwell, the business development coordinator told us that, ”Cookie goes out of her way to make sure everything is done right. She is like the Mother Hen of our building. She definitely has strong enthusiasm and devotion to her team and to Consulate.”

We interviewed Cookie to learn more. Cookie currently works in health information at Beneva Lakes. She has been working in long-term care since 1995, and has become quite an expert. Even prior to entering long-term care, she worked in healthcare. She is able to draw on her experiences from those early jobs, and can see how those experiences apply to her current job.

”Cookie goes out of her way to make sure everything is done right."

Cookie’s devotion and high standards can sometimes be misinterpreted by her co-workers. Cookie told us that sometimes people think she is aggressive, but she just wants things done right. She believes that everyone should be held accountable to ensure things are being done well.

There is a common thread through all of Cookie’s work experiences. She describes it as, “I like helping people.” She also told us that she likes the building to run smoothly. Cookie told us that, “If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will find the answer.” It’s this constant learning process that keeps Cookie at the top of her game.

Cookie treasures the relationships she has developed at Consulate. She specifically mentioned the encouragement she receives from Shelby Hannah in the legal department. Shelby is a terrific support when Cookie is frustrated. Shelby reassures Cookie by saying, “I have confidence in you.” That inspiration is exactly what Cookie needs to get through a challenge.

Cookie believes that all of Consulate’s Core Values are essential. She does her best to help all of the staff behave in accordance with the values. “I’m old school and respect was emphasized,” she told us.

When we asked Cookie what she likes to do in her free time, she told us about her passion for cooking. She makes huge dinners for her family, often serving enough for 100 people. Some of her favorite things to cook include collard greens, macaroni and cheese, rice, cakes, and pies. Cookie’s teammates love when she brings in homemade crab and shrimp salad to the care center. Cookie told us that cooking helps to relax her.

It’s no coincidence that Cookie loves to feed a crowd. As she told us, “I just like helping people.” Cookie, Consulate Health Care is so thankful for your devoted service, and appreciates you sharing your gifts with us!

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