February is National Cancer Prevention Month. It is a time to bring attention to the risk factors associated with cancer. Although there is not a specific way to prevent cancer, there are certain risk factors that directly contribute to increasing likelihood. 

A research by the American Cancer Society revealed that 42% of cancer cases and 45% of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. are attributed to modifiable risk factors. It is essential to know what these factors are and how you can pick up cancer-preventive habits.

1. Quit smoking: As most of us already know, smoking is one of the leading factors attributed to lung and other types of cancer. While quitting is ideal, it is also a long and hard process, so reducing the quantity of cigarettes smoked is a healthy start.

2. Schedule your screenings: Exams and screening are crucial to identify and also prevent cancer from developing in the first place. They can help detect the cancers and precancerous abnormalities in early stages, when treatment tends to have better outcomes.

3. Exercise and healthy diet: A healthy diet and regular exercise schedule is one of the main ways to reduce the risk of the disease. Avoiding food that can be detrimental to the body while also keeping it active can lower risk for several kinds of cancers, including breast, kidney, head and neck, pancreas, prostate, thyroid and more.

  • Eating vegetables and fruits are great ways of ingesting nutrients your body needs to function at is heist-level.
  • Only drink alcohol in moderation, the risks of developing many cancers increases with the ingestion of alcohol and the length of time drinking regularly.
  • Limiting processed meat can reduce the risk of developing cancers. Many researchers were able to link the ingestion of processed meat with the development of cancer abnormalities.

4. Protect yourself from the sun: Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, but also one of the easiest to prevent. Incorporate sunscreen to your daily routine and look for areas in the shade while outside.

Self-exams and regular visits to the doctor are also a key part in preventing cancer. Consult your doctor about the best approach for you. 

Keep in mind your health and wellness in your everyday choices. 

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