It all started when a group of approximately 20 kids wanted to write letters to cheer up long-term and post-acute care patients. Julie Taylor, who works at Medic-Air, heard about the kids, and also had a connection to Consulate Health Care, a national leading provider of senior healthcare services. Julie coordinated with Bonnie Lawrence, vice president for quality of life at Consulate, and a vibrant pen pal program was born. The children wrote letters that were delivered to patients who have not been able to visit with their loved ones since the beginning of the pandemic. The letters were heartwarming and appreciated beyond measure.

As word of the letter-writing activity spread throughout the community, other groups expressed interest in writing letters. Julie has spearheaded an incredible effort. Her co-workers wrote letters, and the news of the project continued to spread. Now, Julie is reaching out to churches, Sunday schools, and elementary schools to get more letters. Originally, the letters were sent to patients at six care centers. Now, there are 13 care centers involved in the program, and even more are interested in receiving the mood-lifting letters. We are so appreciative of everyone who is participating in this program, and look forward to sharing more information as the program continues into grow into the future.

Letters from Consulate Health Care's pen pal program
Pen pal letters for patients at Consulate Health Care
Pen pal program letters for patients at Consulate Health Care

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