Lisa Garrett, director of social services at Fletcher Health and Rehabilitation Center in Tampa, FL, leans into every challenge that comes her way. Garrett earned a bachelor’s degree in social services from Florida State University, and then began her career in healthcare. In addition to excelling at her job, she is currently earning another degree in biomedical sciences, with the ultimate goal of being a physician. Garrett told us that she decided to work in the field of social services so she “can be a better doctor in the future.”

Motivated by her role as a patient advocate, Garrett said, “I get up each day to get the residents what they need.” According to Zachary Daise, who nominated Garrett for the CHIRPs spotlight, “Her passion to help others is truly inspiring and contagious. She truly sets the standard for social services and all other healthcare professionals.”

Garrett has been working at Fletcher for three years, and Consulate Health Care for a total of seven years. Working in more than one location has given her the opportunity to work with different populations, who also have different health needs. This exposure “broadens who I can help and how I can help them,” said Garrett.

While she noted that all of Consulate’s core values are important, Garrett emphasized the benefits of passion. “You can accomplish anything if you have passion. Good intentions and putting in the work will get you far,” she said. Garrett often finds herself going far beyond expectations. One evening, she heard about a patient who was very unhappy with her dinner. Although the work day was over for Garrett, she knew that this particular patient was having a hard time adjusting to life in the care center. Garrett wanted to do something immediately that would make the patient feel special, so she made sure the patient got a meal that would go above and beyond anything she had hoped for. The patient realized that she had a special person looking out for her, and Garrett’s effort of providing the special meal was the beginning of a smoother adjustment for the patient.

Thank you, Lisa Garrett, for pouring yourself into your job at Fletcher. We know that your experience at Consulate, along with the passion you demonstrate each day, will make you an excellent physician in the future.

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