Classie Ann Johnson goes by several nicknames including, “Miss Ann,” “Ann Johnson,” and “Classie.” Whatever name you choose to call her, one thing is certain, she is a class act. Classie started working at Cary Health and Rehabilitation Center in Cary, North Carolina, 23 years ago. She is a CNA who also currently serves as a receptionist and also helps with scheduling.

“Your heart has to be in this job. I love what I’m doing and I don’t just come to be paid.” Classie commented. “My patients need me, and wherever they need me, I am there.” Over the years, things change, but Classie said that some things always remain the same. “I love my patients first. Then I love my team.”

Because she is a CNA, Classie is able to jump in and provide patient care whenever needed, making her a versatile team member. She is always up for learning new skills, too. Classie said that being open to learning can help you stay at one job for the long haul. She mentioned another staff member who moved from the floor to central supply, and is now helping with scheduling. There is always something new you can do. Classie also appreciates that the staff in management are very hands-on and help out however they can.

Classie demonstrates all of Consulate’s core values and tries to live by them each day. She said that with the pandemic regulations, patients are really missing their families. She monitors the patients to see who needs the most attention each day and will look for opportunities to make the patients smile and feel loved. She will bring them unexpected snacks from the kitchen, or take some free time to sit with a resident and sing, chat, or keep them company while they eat.

When we asked Classie about her life outside the care center, she mentioned her four year old grandson who is her joy. She loves to shop at Walmart and buy things to spoil him. She said that the patients and team at Cary are also her relatives. “I’ll do anything for them. This is my family.”

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