On Sunday November 25, 2018 Kansas City got its first blizzard of the season. The staff at Ashton Court Care and Rehabilitation Centre in Liberty, MO pulled together as a team to deal with the effects of nearly six inches of snow and strong winds.

While there were only five staff members who called to report that they wouldn’t be able to make it to work the 3-11 shift because of the snow, it felt like ten had called. “But sometimes when things are at their worst, it brings out the absolute best in people,” reported Elaine Schober, the director of clinical services at the care center.

"Sometimes when things are at their worst, it brings out the absolute best in people."

As the heavy snow continued with 40 mph winds, the day shift staff clocked out to leave Aston Court. Two of the departing employees got their cars stuck in the employee parking lot, and two other employees realized it was unsafe to leave. So instead of calling a spouse or tow truck, or coming inside and complaining, they came back inside and resumed working! No one asked them to work, they just saw the need and did what they needed to do.

The assistant director of clinical services even responded to the staffing needs, as he was on call and braved the blizzard to work the 3-11 shift for the residents. But the real hero in this story is Barb Hatfield, CNA. Barb had no ride to work in the blizzard, but instead of calling in, she started walking to work.  She walked halfway to work in 17 degree weather. Too cold to continue, she stopped and went inside of the local grocery store to warm up. After 15 minutes inside the store, Barb finished her walk and arrived at Ashton Court. As if that wasn’t enough, she signed up to stay for the 11-7 shift, due to night shift call-ins. “We are so blessed to have all these fabulous, compassionate, and talented staff at Ashton Court,” said Elaine.

Giving selflessly for Ashton Court’s residents last week were: Amanda Hormel, CNA; Valeria Jackson, CNA; Candi Huffman, LPN, Di Amberson, LPN, and Barb Hatfield, CNA. Elaine added, “And to the rest of the staff who braved the weather like it was part of a normal work day, we couldn’t have done it without you!  The staff at Ashton Court is one team, one dream!”