If you have visited Envoy at the Meadows in Goochland, VA, it’s very likely you have come into contact with Tina Lowry.  During her 23 years at the care center, she has developed into a versatile employee who can handle nearly anything that comes her way. Back in 1993, when Tina joined the staff, she was a recent graduate and served as a wellness aide. In 1995, she was trained at the care center and earned her certification as a nursing assistant.

Angela Wallace, a business development coordinator at Consulate, said that “Angela is the first one to volunteer to help others no matter what the job is.” Tina’s current official title is human resources coordinator, but she is also filling in at times as a staffing coordinator, medical records manager, central supply manager, and even arranges all the doctors’ appointments and transportation for the patients. Angela jokes that you might even see Tina sitting at the front desk filling in as a receptionist!

“Angela is the first one to volunteer to help others no matter what the job is.”

In all of Tina’s work at Envoy at the Meadows, she is fueled by her strong passion and compassion for the patients and staff. Tina told us that every day is brightened by her interactions with the people at the care center. She said that compassion is essential in her role as human resources coordinator because her job includes interviewing people, paying salaries, and reaching out to the community. She enjoys meeting different people at job fairs when staffing nurses and CNAs, and also loves to help motivate other people to do their very best work. She advises employees to be willing to listen to others and to treat residents like family members.

In her free time, Tina loves to bake specialty cakes. Some of her favorite creations include themed cakes for birthdays and weddings and also square tiered cakes. Tina, thank you for your 23 years of service. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!