Although Awilda is not a woman of many words, her work ethic speaks volumes. Currently a clinical nurse at Deltona Health Care in Deltona, FL, Awilda originates from Puerto Rico where she worked in an operating room for 26 years. One year ago, she made the move to Florida and began her transition into long-term care. The move alone would be stressful for most, and the change in industry would be difficult for many. Awilda is not like most people though, and she has thrived in her new environment. From befriending the staff and her residents, to working hard to learn the new systems, Awilda has done everything she can to make Deltona Health Care her home.

Awilda initially decided to make the change to long-term care because she really enjoys working with the elderly. Working with the residents reminds her of helping to care for her mother and it warms her heart to be able to help many others the same way. Many of the residents are actually from Puerto Rico, and this commonality has allowed Awilda to develop truly great relationships with them in a very short period of time. Awilda said, “I feel like I am home when I spend time with the residents from Puerto Rico, it’s more like family. They feel more comfortable with someone who can speak their language and understand them.”

Awilda has done so well in her new position that she was recently welcomed into the International Nurses Association, which is a great accomplishment. Awilda is so focused on her work and caring for her residents, she didn’t even know that she had been nominated. “I didn’t know until I saw something on the internet with my name, so I clicked on it, and that’s how I found out”. Awilda has worked hard and has had a long thirty-year career, so this achievement was huge for her. She said, “It feels good to be recognized for all of the years that I have put into healthcare”.

"Awilda has been able to overcome many challenges..."

Although Awilda has put in a lot of time into her career, she has no intention to leave or retire anytime soon. However, she does hope that one day she will always be remembered for “bringing everything I had to work, and doing everything I could to help them”. This work ethic is everything Awilda is in a nutshell. She strives to always deliver the best that she can, and doesn’t stop until she has given it her all. We asked her director of nursing, Jessica Rudaitis, about how Awilda has done in the last year and she had only great things to say. She said, “Awilda is consistent and dependable, whether it be her attendance, her compassion, or her care for her residents. She never wavers in her care for this position or anything, for that matter”.

Awilda has been able to overcome many challenges in her transitions such as the computer systems, the language barrier, and a different environment than where she came from in Puerto Rico. She has been able to exceed expectations, and overcome her challenges without skipping a beat though. Everyone at Consulate Health Care is so proud of her for everything she brings to the residents at Deltona Health Care. Congratulations Awilda on being welcomed into the International Nurses Association, and thank you for all you do for Consulate Health Care!