Here’s a great meal you can serve on Father’s Day, and you don’t even have to spend the day in the kitchen. It’s also a fantastic workday recipe, because you can put the ingredients into your crock pot before you leave in the morning, and have a delicious meal waiting for you when you get home later that day! Thank you to Cynthia Stevens at Edgewood Manor of Lucasville, in Lucasville, OH, for providing this recipe.


Put the following ingredients into a crock pot in order:

4-6 steaks of your choice, ¾ inch thick

4-6 raw potatoes

4-6 frozen corn cobs

½ cup of A1 or Heinz 57 steak sauce


Line your crock pot with foil wrap, and then spray the foil with cooking spray. Place the steaks on the bottom of the crock pot and pour the steak sauce over the steaks.

Cover the steaks with foil wrap and place the potatoes on top of the foil.

Place the corn cobs on top of the potatoes, and cover the corn with foil.

Cook on low for 6 hours.

The ingredients can be put together in the crock pot the night before cooking.

If you prefer, you can use thick pork chops or chicken breasts in place of the steaks, and substitute the steak sauce with BBQ sauce.

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