As the Chief Nursing Officer for Consulate Health Care, Andi Clark focuses on clinical excellence, operational efficiency, and process improvement. With our residents’ and patients’ health and wellbeing as her main priority, she is committed to improving the care we provide and fostering an environment that incentivizes innovation.

Her journey as a nurse started unexpectedly. As she graduated high school, Andi wanted to be a journalist to pursue her love for English and writing. But after a conversation with her mother and grandmother, she started researching and learning about the nursing field. Andi then started down the path to become a nurse and realized that was her calling. She started her professional career, after graduation, in a nursing home, and that is when she realized how much she loved this job. “It is such a wonderful career, I love it. I have a passion for it,” she says.

With over 30 years of experience in the nursing field and even starting her own consulting and advisory practice, Andi started working at Consulate Health Care in 2016. Andi brought with her extraordinary leadership skills and a passion for innovating and improving performance. With all the incredible parts of her job, Andi says the most rewarding part is visiting the different care centers and being present as a part of the team. “I recently went to Consulate Health Care of Jacksonville, and I watched an amazing team do their job,” she tells us. “I love my day-to-day job, but being at the center is my favorite part.”

“Nurses have the passion for caring for others and making a difference in people's lives, always making the patients their main priority.”

Andi is a perfect example of Consulate’s five core values, but compassion is her favorite. Tim Lehner, Chief Operating Officer, says Andi guides Consulate Health Care with a steady and heartfelt hand. “She prepared us all to become the best in class at how we treat our customers and staff,” he says. Andi is leaving a legacy of compassionate and empathetic leadership.

Andi also says that one of the challenges her job entails is “making sure that our team knows that even though we are a big company, we care about each center, each patient, their families, and our staff.” Each day, Andi comes to work and makes it her priority to talk to her team, letting them know she cares a lot about them and is thankful for all they do. As a leader, Andi has a unique people-centered approach, where she constantly shows her compassion, integrity, and honestly through her actions and words, making her an extraordinary part of our executive leadership team.

During her free time, Andi says she enjoys spending time with her friends, and all of them are nurses as well. She also loves to be around her family. Andi and her husband love to talk to their six grandkids, and whenever they have a chance, she will spend time with them. “I don’t know if it is considered a hobby, but spending time with my family is my hobby,” she jokingly said.

With many years working as a nurse, Andi says this is what she was meant to do. She loves being able to make a difference in people’s lives, and her passion for caring for others is what motivates her. “I, like all nurses, have the passion for this, and I will never lose that,” Andi explains. “Being a nurse is what makes me function.” Fortunately, in her position, she is someone that other nurses naturally look up to, and she strives to make sure she is an excellent example for them; And she is.

During National Nurses Week 2021, we wanted to highlight Andi’s enormous heart and her passion for the field of nursing. Consulate Health Care is honored to have someone as experienced and dedicated as Andi leading a team of compassionate nurses. Thank you, Andi, for all your contributions to the Consulate family and mission!

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