Although relatively new to The Village at Harbor Pointe in Salisbury, MD, Johnsie has over thirty years of experience in healthcare. A director of clinical services today, Johnsie began her journey as a CNA in 1985. After only one year in that role, Johnsie’s then mentor (another CNA), urged her to go to school and become a nurse. She said, “This is not for you, you need to be a nurse”. That moment is what changed Johnsie’s life, and the reason for her success today.


Even though her path has been challenging, Johnsie never lost sight of her dream and what was most important…her residents. Still today, Johnsie is known for doing whatever it takes to inspire her residents and push them. She is passionate about this because of being raised by her Grandmother. Johnsie was around the elderly more than she was around people her own age growing up. It taught her a lot, and it is what made her realize that she wanted to be in healthcare.

Having a nurse for a mother was another motivator for Johnsie. Being surrounded by it, Johnise really only knew about healthcare. What truly makes her unique and so great at her job is what she learned from her upbringing. She said, “The most important thing about the elderly is that they just want someone to listen to them”. And from listening to her residents, she herself has been able to learn some wonderful life lessons and develop sincere relationships. These bonds with her residents keep her coming to work each day.

Additionally, Johnsie stays motivated at work because of the staff that she works with. Being new to the care center, Johnsie faced challenges trying to implement changes. But, once she was able to get things moving, she found that her staff was happier, and so were the residents. She knows that each employee gives his or her best, and that fact  keeps her excited about coming to work.

Johnsie has been named “Ms. Fix it”, as she just has that attitude about her. We asked why she likes to help whenever she can and she said, “I like challenges. I don’t like to be complacent, because then I’m not doing my best”.  Because of this determination, Johnsie finds that respect is the most valuable core value in her line of work. Without respect for her residents, she would not be so passionate about fixing their problems and making sure everyone is so well taken care of. She said, “I was always taught that you respect that person you’re taking care of as though they’re your family. This has always been what has  driven me.”

"I like challenges. I don’t like to be complacent."

Even though Johnsie has no intention of leaving anytime soon, she does hope that one day she is remembered for how she cared for her residents. What matters to her the most is their well-being and that no matter what; she did the best that she could to care for them. We are so thankful to have someone like Johnsie to care for our residents and as a part of our Consulate family. Thank you for all you do, Johnsie!