It’s not often that you meet someone who has worked in the same place for almost 50 years. But, because most of her family has worked there, it’s no wonder why Carla has now worked at Edgewood Manor of Wellston, in Wellston, OH for 43 wonderful years. Carla is now working in medical records and central supply. However, her journey to this point has been a long one.

Her experience in healthcare started when she was in high school and her mother used to work at the old care center (previously named Jenkins) brought her to work. She would help her mother in housekeeping, with the laundry, and even some cooking. Her sister was the business office manager there, and it became a family affair. Carla really loved that her family all worked there. In addition to her mother and her one sister, she also had two other sisters who worked in the old building. Carla’s mother and sisters retired from Edgewood eventually, but Carla stayed put. However, once the care center official became Edgewood Manor of Wellston, Carla had her share of doing laundry and decided that she wanted to try something else in healthcare. She found that she really enjoyed staying busy and that medical records and central supply provided her the opportunity to do many things and challenge her.

Vickie (left) and Carla (right)

Carla has been in her current role for 12 years, and she finds that the environment is what keeps her coming back to work. She loves the family atmosphere of the residents and her co-workers. It’s a small, close-knit group of people that she has built meaningful relationships with. Carla has worked with so many people, it’s hard for her to narrow down one resident who has impacted her. However, she did have a resident who she grew very close to. She would take her to church, take her to the salon, and spent a lot of time with her. When that resident passed away, Carla ended up singing at her funeral. These moments are what Carla treasures most about her work.

Carla’s singing is a passion that she also shares with her current residents at the care center. Her husband, her Aunt, and Carla all sing gospel and they sing often to the residents at the care center. The residents really enjoy hearing them sing, and it’s something that Carla loves to share with them. Carla only ever wants to please her residents and make sure that everyone is happy. Something as small as singing has a very large impact on the residents and it’s what makes Carla so special.

Even though Carla could retire, she says “I would be bored at home. I enjoy my work and the fellowship there”. Carla is very content where she is and she is passionate about helping her residents. We asked Carla what she thinks is the most important Core Value, and she said, “Compassion. Even if a resident can be difficult, you need to treat them with love”.

" need to treat them with love."

We hope that Carla never leaves, but when that day comes, she hopes to be remembered as always smiling and being happy. Her positive demeanor is not something anyone would be able to forget. We are so thankful that Carla chose Edgewood Manor of Wellston as her home. Thank you Carla for your lifetime dedication to our residents!