Vickie is like the mother hen at Edgewood Manor of Wellston in Wellston, OH. Having been there for 28 years, she has learned so much, and is now able to share her wisdom and knowledge with others. Vickie is not just an LPN, but a caregiver. She still loves what she does after all these years and comes to work with the same passion that she did on her first day.

Vickie has been a nurse now for over 40 years. She began her career working as an aide in a hospital in the ‘70s, before becoming a LPN, and then working in long-term care centers in several roles over the years. From infection control, fall prevention, OSHA expert, to treatment nurse, Vickie has truly done it all. She has been coined as a “jack of all trades” because of her experience and ability to do anything she puts her mind to.

With the skills that Vickie has picked up throughout the years, she could do just about any job in healthcare. But, Vickie stays in her current role because she just loves her residents. Vickie said, “I love my residents, I take care of them, and that’s all there is to it.” She finds sincere joy in helping the elderly and she truly loves what she does because of the time that she gets to spend each day with the them.


Vickie’s constant smile and supportive outlook on her work has become a staple at Wellston for 28 years. Residents constantly brag about how compassionate and kind Vickie is. Recently a resident was experiencing internal bleeding and Vickie was by her side at the moment she needed her most. Vickie put her on a prayer list and later that same day, the hemorrhage had stopped. Vickie provides her residents with tremendous emotional and personal support that is inimitable.

Even though Vickie’s children have asked her to retire, there is just too much of a pull at the care center for her to leave. But, when the day comes that she does finally decide to retire, she wants to be remembered as “someone that cared about her residents and fellow co-workers”. As many know and love Vickie, there is no doubt that this is how they will always remember her. Thank you Vickie for your years of service to our residents, and for the impact you have had on everyone you meet!

Throughout her career, Vickie has met many people who have touched her heart. She has several great memories, and some very painful ones, but she still wears her heart on her sleeve and cares deeply for each person she meets. When her husband passed away last year, her children begged her to retire but she said “No, I can’t leave the residents, I would do anything in the world for them.” Nothing matters more to Vickie than being able to help those in need.

We asked Vickie what motivates her to come to work after all of these years and she said, “Seeing the residents’ eyes light up whenever I enter the room”. At one point, Vickie was out for three days and one resident said to her “I missed you so much”. It’s these moments that keep Vickie strong and also what keep her coming to work every day.

"Residents constantly brag about how compassionate and kind Vickie is."