Watching your grandchildren grow up is one of the most exciting experiences life has to offer. Supporting them through the college application process can be stressful, but there’s no better feeling than seeing them get accepted into colleges and universities and make positive decisions about their futures. When the whirlwind of dorm shopping and orientation is over, however, it can be difficult to watch them move away. Use these tips to stay in touch with college-bound grandkids.

Craft care packages

The stereotype of college students having no money often proves true, especially after textbooks, laptops and other essential supplies have been purchased. Help your grandchildren out by sending them care packages stocked with useful and fun items. For example, mail them a box with items such as, cleaning supplies, toiletries and snacks, but also include exciting little extras, like gift cards for pizza or celebrity gossip magazines. You can also theme your packages seasonally, sending spooky decorations for Halloween or candy canes near Christmas. Your grandkids may not want to ask for these items outright as to maintain their independence, but they’ll sigh a breath of relief when they receive them from you.

Your grandchildren will love to hear from you while they're away at school.Your grandchildren will love to hear from you while they’re away at school.

Get online

If you aren’t very Internet-savvy, now’s the time to learn about the digital world. Your grandkids are constantly connected to the Web, so it will undoubtedly be the easiest place to communicate with them. Try your hand at video-chat programs like Skype, which are very popular among long-distance loved ones trying to keep in touch. Create a Facebook profile so you can see up-to-date pictures of your grandchildren enjoying college, or get an email account where you can message them on a daily basis. Good old-fashioned phone calls are always ideal, but these newer forms of communication can be great when you or your grandkids are short on time.

Pay a visit

Even if they won’t admit it, your grandchildren are likely suffering from occasional bouts of homesickness. You can help them combat these difficult feelings by carving time out of your schedule to visit them at school. Whether they’re a city away or across the country, you can help ease the natural loneliness and uncertainty that accompanies college by scheduling trips to go see them. This is also a great way to get one-on-one time with your grandchildren, who you may normally only see at large gatherings.