Daphne Boone’s career in long-term care started when she decided to take the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) test to embark on a new career 20 years ago. Her determination to make a difference in people’s lives made her a great nursing assistant from the start. Daphne came to work at Consulate Health Care of Windsor as a CNA in 2015 and excelled at her job.

In 2020, Daphne was offered the Human Resources Coordinator position at the center. She was hesitant to accept it as she loved the CNA work and wanted to continue helping her residents and coworkers. But she did and is using this opportunity to advocate for other nurses and help improve experiences around the center for the residents. “It was also great to know the Executive Director valued my work and saw in me all the qualities needed for this position,” she explained.

At the care center, Daphne really enjoys the cohesive and efficient teamwork and positive environment the staff has created. She said her favorite thing about working at Consulate Health Care of Windsor is the people she works with. Daphne explained that “there is nothing better than working in a place you love. We look out for each other and are always there to help, just like a family.” The team members at the care center are always willing to learn from one another, essential for a cohesive and compassionate work environment.

“There is nothing better than working in a place you love."

Now working with different departments at the center, Daphne has the pleasure of getting to know other people and helping them. However, there is one coworker she will never forget. Daphne tells us about a particular staff member at the center that inspired her to always have a positive outlook on everything. “When she was here at the center, she was always happy and wanted to help; we all admired her because she never took her smile off her face,” Daphne says. “One day, she went to the doctor and found out she had breast cancer, and it took us all by surprise. But, even after that, she came in every day and gave her all, she was always ready to take care of her residents. She was so inspiring; I looked at her with admiration all the time.”

Daphne’s experience in the long-term care field taught her about the importance of having compassion. Working with nursing for over 20 years, she knows it can be challenging, but her desire to help and passion for taking care of her residents is what motivates her daily. Daphne also explained that the only way to be successful in the nursing field is to genuinely want to make a difference.

We are grateful to have members of our Consulate family that have a passion for making a difference and positively impacting our residents’ lives. Daphne is an example of our core value of compassion. Thank you for taking care of our residents and working hard every day.

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