Behind the doors of health care centers across the country, compassionate caregivers are protecting the most vulnerable members of our society, the elderly and infirmed. These healthcare heroes aren’t motivated by outside recognition, because their first priority is providing the highest quality healthcare services and emotional support to their patients. It just so happens that the Health and Rehabilitation Centre at Dolphins View in South Pasadena, Florida caught the attention of the city officials for all of the wonderful work happening inside their doors.

“We have amazing elected officials in South Pasadena, and they recognize the work we do,” said Lauri Loane, the community life director at Dolphins View. The city wrote a proclamation officially recognizing National Skilled Nursing Week, and specifically calling out the staff at Dolphins View for their “commitment to the health of their community” and “achieving health and wellness by promoting health, preventing illness, providing care, and providing real quality of life.”

In addition to the official document presented to Dolphins View by the city, the fire department conducted a drive-by salute at Dolphins View. Staff and residents were delighted by the honor and celebration. “We are so grateful they recognized the value of our staff and residents. Our residents have contributed so much to the state of Florida, and our staff is full of compassion, care and sacrifice,” said Loane.

The residents were excited to participate in the drive-by celebration through the window of the dining hall, where they could maintain safe social distancing. Neighbors from across the street joined in the celebration and even offered masks to the community. The festive atmosphere was enjoyed by all, and a huge thank you goes out to the City of South Pasadena for bringing smiles and joy to our community!

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