Diligent, hard-working, warm, pleasant, kind, and compassionate. These are all words that others have used to describe Angela Saulsberry, LPN, who works at Starkville Manor Health Care and Rehab in Starkville, Mississippi. Prior to joining the team at Starkville Manor, Angela was a ward clerk at a hospital for nine years. She chased her dream of becoming a nurse, and was immediately hired at Starkville Manor, where she has been working hard and sharing her positive attitude for the past 23 years!

Angela loves her residents and patients and values the opportunity to nurse them back to health. Because of her compassionate manner and the rapport she builds with each patient, her residents are eager to see her each day. According to Derek Cole from the human resources department, “She has a gentle smile that is very comforting to everyone.”

Angela appreciates the kindness of the staff at Starkville Manor. “We all work as a team, and everyone is nice to me,” she said. She also mentioned that she values the support she gets from all of the staff, including the executive director, director of nursing and assistant director of nursing. Angela appreciates the flexibility of being able to take on extra hours when she needs them as well as the ability to take time off when she has outside commitments.

 When Angela was nominated for the CHIRPs spotlight, she was recognized for demonstrating all five of Consulate’s core values. In our discussion, she highlighted the importance of honesty and respect. “Honesty will get you a long way. Showing respect is also so important, both to residents and to co-workers.” We asked Angela if she had advice for other caregivers, and she encouraged everyone to work as a team to get the most positive results in the workplace.

Outside of work, Angela loves to be with her family, and enjoys watching her grandchildren play on the swingset and trampoline in the backyard. She also enjoys attending church on Sundays and going out to eat afterwards.

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