Kimberly Pyle has dedicated the majority of her 27 year career to health care, and the past 11 at Siemon’s Heritage Personal Care Center in Somerset, Pennsylvania, where she currently works as a residential aid, med-tech, and administrative assistant.

When asked about what motivates her to come to work each day, she says simply: “To know I make a difference. You can always have an impact on someone’s life, every day. I like being there for the residents.”

Since she juggles multiple areas of responsibility, from individual patient care to administrative paperwork inside the office, she says the day-to-day “keeps you on your toes,” and the biggest is challenge is “keeping your head on straight amid the different aspects and settings of the job.”

She describes working in a senior health care facility as an oxymoron. Care center employees need to “hurry up, but take [their] time in order to avoid mistakes.” During our interview, she reiterated that her patients are her “top priority,” and all the efforts she pours in each day ultimately revolve around them. At the end of the day, Pyle stresses: “Give patients one hundred percent.”

While Pyle says she “likes being there for the residents” and puts their well-being first and foremost, she also goes out of her way to assist her fellow staff members. Melissa Henderson, Director of Wellness at Siemon’s Heritage since last May, says that Pyle helped her “tremendously” in creating a smooth job transition experience. “I would be lost without her,” Henderson elaborates.

Since Henderson witnesses Pyle’s efforts out on the nursing floor as well as behind-the-scenes in the office, she can truly attest to her sense of integrity, which she claims is the core value Pyle embodies most of all.

Ultimately, the positive impact experienced at Siemon’s Heritage goes both ways–with residents and staff alike benefitting from the compassionate, life-altering care that’s provided. Pyle says that everyone she encounters, “touch[es] your life in different ways. They all have an impact on you.”

Regarding the future, Pyle says that she’s content at Siemon’s. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her now-grown children, her great niece, and her cats.