The roots of Darneitha Banks’s 40 year nursing career run deep. When Banks was young, her grandmother fell ill with dementia. With nowhere to go or anyone else to care for her, Banks’s mother welcomed her into their home for respite. Her grandmother had always done wonderful things for others, and caring for her during her final days served as a way to give back. Banks spent a great deal of time with her throughout her illness, which sparked an early interest in nursing that never fizzled out.

When it was time for Banks to attend college, she went through CNA school in San Antonio, Texas, and has since dedicated her entire career to health care. Fueled by compassion for her residents and the deep connections she forms with them, Banks assumes various roleseverything from restorative aide to CNA to housekeepingin order to keep the microcosm of Bonview Rehabilitation and Health Care thriving. She states simply: “You do what you need to do. If you’re walking by and see something that needs to be done or someone who needs help, you step in.”

Throughout her lengthy career, Banks has honed the ability to sustain a positive attitude for the residents, regardless of her day-to-day struggles or negative environmental factors at large. She stresses an attitude of humility and selflessness, often reminding her co-workers that, “it’s not about [them], it’s about the residents,” and to set aside personal matters in order to create an uplifting environment for all. Ultimately, the smiles on the residents’ faces and their appreciation for her motivate Banks to keep coming back to love them so well.

Mary Smith, former Human Resources Coordinator, describes Banks as a “blessing,” and says that over the years, “[Banks] has seen numerous people come and go, but she has remained faithful and dedicated to providing exceptional care.” And fellow staff members aren’t the only ones to sing their praises and gratitude for her. One of Banks’s beloved current residents says that on Banks’s off-duty days, the absence has a palpable effect on her, and tells Banks that she “just doesn’t feel right.” Banks describes the Bonview community as a “family,” and one in which it seems she plays a crucial part.

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