Some Consulate Health Care employees were not even born when Ashley Ardoin arrived for his first day of work in July 1994. Ashley became a certified public accountant early in his career, and soon discovered his passion for computers, programming, and information technology. Now, 26 years later, Ashley is still sharing his expertise with the Consulate team as vice president of information technology. 

Jesse Beyer, in the payroll department, nominated Ashley for the CHIRPs spotlight because he demonstrates compassion, passion, and respect each day. According to Jesse, “we are constantly in his office asking him for help, and he is always available and ready to resolve the problem right away.” The help Ashley provides ensures the proper pay for the entire company. Ashley humbly responds by saying, “I like helping folks.” 

It’s apparent that Ashley does a lot more than just “helping folks.” He recently stayed at work past midnight to ensure a computer issue was resolved properly. During those overnight hours, he was on the phone with vendors across the world, making sure our computer system worked as expected.

Ashley’s favorite aspect of working at Consulate is the people. He said it’s a great group. Although it can be challenging to help users understand technology, he loves to find ways to help people discover more efficient ways to do their jobs. Ashley said that patience is truly a virtue for someone doing a job like his. People get frustrated when they are having issues with technology. He understands the importance of gaining the trust of his coworkers. He considers each person that he works with to be a customer. His customers not only include those working in the corporate offices, but the care centers and their staff as well.

Ashley has been married to his wife, Sandra for 36 years. Ashley’s eyes light up when he mentions his adorable granddaughter, Aubrey Michelle. Ashley looks forward to spending more time with his entire family when he eventually retires. 

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