Jayne Hammond from Heritage Manor of Franklinton, in Franklinton, Louisiana, has more skill than an accomplished juggler! While there’s no magic involved in her talents, she’s a master at participating in the lives of her five children who range in age from 5-17, while excelling at her job as a licensed practical nurse at Heritage Manor.

Jayne is fueled by her passion for helping the elderly. Her desire to assist seniors goes back many years to when Jayne worked as a certified nurses assistant. One day, while appreciating Jayne’s devotion to her family and patients, Jayne’s husband said “Now it’s time to pursue your dreams.” That inspired Jayne to go back to school and graduate as an LPN in May 2019.

Jayne demonstrates her respect for patients by helping them to maintain the quality of life that they enjoyed in their younger years. She has a self-proclaimed “soft spot” for the residents, and treats each patient as if they were a member of her family. She told us about one gentleman who likes to be dressed snappily from head to toe every day. Jayne takes pride in helping him maintain his desired look daily, so he can wheel about the care center with dignity.

In her role as an LPN, Jayne she draws on her experience as a nurses aide each day. Her commitment to teamwork is evidenced by her willingness to handle some of the tasks normally done by the CNA. Sometimes, when a CNA will be unable to work her shift, Jayne will jump right in to change patients, pass food trays and do whatever it takes to deliver the best care possible. Kelli Magee, who is a Nurse Liaison at Heritage Manor, commented on Jayne’s compassion. “Jayne always has a smile on her face and is so kind and patient with her residents.” 

When she’s not at work, you will find Jayne attending her sons’ baseball games, basketball games, and spending cherished time at home. Jayne has a gift for sharing her love with her family and her residents. Jayne, you are a treasure and we appreciate your commitment to the Consulate Health Care family.

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