Back in her childhood in Jamaica, people referred to Delores Clarke as Grandma Dell. From the very start, she has been an “old soul,” and that hasn’t changed many years later. Delores Clarke is the staffing coordinator at Grand Oaks Health and Rehabilitation Center in Palm Coast, Florida. When she first came to Grand Oaks from New York 16 years ago, she joined the team as a CNA.

All these years later, Delores’ co-workers are still calling her “grandma.” She hasn’t earned the name because of her age, but because she takes care of everybody who surrounds her. Her staff comes to her for food, prayer, and just to talk. Delores’ nurturing spirit doesn’t stop there. She will also babysit staff’s children, enabling the parents to make it to work at the center. Delores lives 15 minutes fromthe care center, and that doesn’t stop her from hopping out of bed to drive employees from their home to work when they are having car trouble. Even though her official role is staffing, Delores said that she keeps her certification up so she can also pinch-hit as a CNA when needed.

Delores has found her home at Grand Oaks because she loves the family atmosphere at the center and she absolutely loves the elderly. She plans to be at Grand Oaks for a very long time. She jokes, “They will have to use a shovel to get me out of here.”

Delores is guided by Consulate’s Core Values. She said that honesty is necessary no matter what you do. Delores also recalls her childhood, when her mother taught her about the golden rule. She has lived by the “golden rule” of treating others the way you would like to be treated, and states that the principle has guided her well throughout her life.

Delores loves working as part of the Consulate family and plans to continue working at Grand Oaks for a long time. Grandma Dell, our family wouldn’t be complete without you!