“My philosophy of customer service is always to treat residents with respect and putting their needs first and foremost,” says Cheryl Guerad, CNA. She has been a devoted healthcare professional for 22 years, and a veteran of 10 years at Central Park Healthcare and Rehab Center in Brandon, FL. She took a break from Central Park care center in 2004 to spend time with her family. Consulate Health Care valued her hard work and dedication, they reached out to her and asked her if she would agree to be transferred to Brandon Health and Rehabilitation Center in 2006. She agreed.

Cheryl’s positive and cheerful disposition is to ensure that all residents under her care at Brandon are well-taken care of by ensuring they are cleaned, dressed, their meals are eaten and their medication is administered.

Cheryl wants her fellow staff to understand that we are here to take care of our residents. She reminds the staff that the residents’ family members want us to provide exemplary care and always pay attention to their needs.

"Customer service is treating residents with respect."

“All of our residents have an impact on me. When you have a supportive family member, it makes such a difference in getting residents to recuperate quickly and return them back to their daily routines. We have one male resident at our center whose sister would come in daily and help get him cleaned up and dressed. And I am grateful for her help”, says Cheryl.

“When I come across an annoyed customer, I will always have a smile on my face; “how can I help you”? Because the customer is always right. Once I have helped them to solve the problem, we’re all happy.”

“You must have compassion to do this job, you must love and have a big heart as well. We have a duty to portray and carry out Consulate’s Core Values to our residents and our families.”

Cheryl plans to go back to school and study for a nursing home administrator course and she adds,”CHC has provided me with training in all aspects of my CNA job.”

She has three boys and two girls, ranging in age from 24 to 16-years old. Her oldest son, Tony, graduated in May 2018 from University of Central Florida and plays football. Cheryl is an avid football fan and hopes one day her son will play for the NFL. He’s currently trying out with the Jacksonville Jaguars. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

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