Last month, Destin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center was awarded the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Five-Star Rating, the highest-ranking for long-term care and nursing home centers. This rating assesses the quality of care provided by the care centers, and receiving this recognition means that Destin Healthcare provides residents with above-average quality services to their residents and families.

Anthony Rimmer, Executive Director at Destin Healthcare, thanked the care center’s staff for their hard work and continuous dedication to their residents. Together, the team was able to overcome the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. By following CDC social guidelines and providing staff with insightful training and education pieces, the care center kept their residents and staff safe and healthy. The CMS Five-Star Rating was a recognition of this effort and commitment to their residents. 

“It’s not just a job; it is the dedication to our residents and each other.”

The CMS Star Quality Rating System was created to help potential residents, families, and caregivers compare long-term care centers with ease. And it can provide the centers with areas to improve on. The care centers evaluated can score a rating between 1 and 5 stars. Nursing homes with five stars are considered to have much above-average care. There is one overall rating for the center, and a separate rating for each of the following three sources of information, according to CMS:

  • – Health Inspections – The health inspection rating contains the 3 most recent health inspections and investigations due to complaints.  This information is gathered by trained, objective inspectors who go onsite to the nursing home and follow a specific process to determine the extent to which a nursing home has met Medicaid and Medicare’s minimum quality requirements. The most recent survey findings are weighted more than the prior year.
  • – Staffing – The staffing rating has information about the number of hours of care provided on average to each resident each day by nursing staff.  This rating considers differences in the levels of residents’ care needs in each nursing home. For example, a nursing home with residents who had more severe needs would be expected to have more nursing staff than a nursing home where the resident needs were not as high.
  • – Quality Measures (QMs) – The quality measure rating has information on 15 different physical and clinical measures for nursing home residents. The QMs offer information about how well nursing homes are caring for their residents’ physical and clinical needs.

“It’s not just a job; it is the dedication to our residents and each other,” said Rimmer, who attributed this recognition to his team, who continues to provide excellent care to each of the residents every day. Together, the hard-working staff was able to receive not only the CMS Five-Star Rating but also the Joint Commission Accreditation during this period. Congratulations, Destin Health Care team! We appreciate your dedication to “Providing Service with Our Hearts and Hands.”

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