Last week, the Florida Association Directors of Nursing Administration (FADONA) held their annual convention. Along with many educational sessions and insightful presentations, the organization also awarded many leaders in the field of nursing for their outstanding commitment to the profession and work ethic. Many of Consulate Health Care’s nurses received awards and recognitions during the three-day event. We wanted to celebrate their accomplishments and thank each of them for their dedication to our residents.  We also would like to recognize our very own Andi Clark, CNO, who was a morning keynote presenter and delivered a powerful presentation on how nurse’s passion, commitment to their patients, and creativity has shaped healthcare in the past and present and how it will shape the future.

2021 Nurse Administrator of the Year

April Moore, Director of Clinical Services at Consulate Health Care of Safety Harbor, received one of the highest recognitions as 2021 Nurse Administrator of the Year. April has been working in long-term care for over eight years and is a key member of Safety Harbor’s care team. At the center, she helps mentor leadership teams and is always available to assist with any and all departments. April has a strong, positive relationship with the nursing staff and other team members. She is constantly showing compassion towards both residents and coworkers by listening to their concerns, thoughts, and ideas.  In her free time, she likes to volunteer in youth sports and programs. 

2021 Awards of Excellence

For the 2021 Awards of Excellence, Norma Velez, CNA at Consulate Health Care of Brandon, received the first place award. Norma has been working in long-term care for over 27 years and is known for her attention to detail and positive attitude. She is bilingual in Spanish, offering Hispanic residents and families comfort with respect and compassion. Recently, Norma stepped into the Visitor Concierge role. She helped create multiple spaces for visitors at the care where families and residents can enjoy a positive and safe environment.

Christine Martin, also a CNA at Consulate Health Care of Brandon, received the second place recognition. Christina is known around the care center for her willingness to help other coworkers when in need. She helps train new staff and is always very caring toward those around her. Her sweet and compassionate personality makes her very approachable and dependable. Her coworkers are happy to have on Brandon’s passionate care team.

2021 LPN Awards of Excellence

Edith Donnelly, LPN at Plantation Bay Rehab Center, received the first place award in the LPN Awards of Excellence category. Edith excels in every task assigned to her. With over 30 years of experience with long-term care, she is passionate about the field of nursing. Edith’s coworkers know they can always count on her and know she will assist wherever there is a need in the center. She is a valuable team member at Plantation Bay and is always looking for ways to improve processes and the service she provides to her residents.

LPN at Consulate Health Care of Winter Haven, Lucia Sanchez also received an honorable mention in this category. Working in long-term care for 24 years, Lucia currently serves as a wound care nurse and always goes above and beyond to provide quality care to our patients.

Patches Bryan Scholarship

Wendy Smith, LPN, was awarded the Patches Bryan Scholarship. Wendy is the Interim Unit Manager at Consulate Health Care of Safety Harbor. With a compassionate and caring personality, her coworkers  love knowing that she is a member of the team.

We are incredibly honored to have these outstanding professionals in our Consulate family. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and dedication to our residents and their families. We are filled with joy to be able to celebrate our team members’ accomplishments. Congratulations, April, Norma, Christine, Edith, Lucia, and Wendy!

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