“It is a blessing to be here and be able to help the residents with what they need,” said Cherri Brinson. Being the Medical Records Coordinator at Bay Breeze Health and Rehabilitation Center, Cheri constantly interacts with the residents and staff to help fulfill their needs. Her position requires her to be available and to get to know those around her, and that is no problem for Cheri. Her caring and compassionate nature makes her the perfect fit for this role and for the Bay Breeze staff team.

Cheri first found out about Bay Breeze when her mother was diagnosed with dementia. With the need for rehab after a fall, Cheri chose the center to take care of her mother. “I ended up falling in love with the center and the staff. When I heard about a position opening here, I knew it was meant to be,” she explained.

Now, working at the center for over three years, Cheri says that helping the residents motivates her to come to work each day. Her favorite part of the day is walking around the center and seeing how excited the residents are to talk to her. With COVID-19 and the safety guidelines still in place, Cheri understands that the residents need extra comfort, and she is glad to be able to help care for them, especially as they are far from their families.

Around the center, Cheri’s coworkers know her for her kindness and integrity. Her proactive nature is of help as she can anticipate the needs of both her coworkers and residents. As Bay Breeze’s central supplies coordinator, she helps ensure that products are adequate and available to everyone and medications are ready for those in need. “I always see a genuine caring spirit when she speaks to and assists others,” says her coworker Roy.

“I always see a genuine caring spirit when she speaks to and assists others.”

Daily, Cheri represents Consulate’s core values through her actions. When asked which core value she thinks is the most important in her position, she said integrity. Cheri works hard no matter who is watching. She wants to do the best for her residents at all times, and with her caring and respectful nature, she is able to do that day in and day out.

Cheri is a valuable member of the center and is fortunate to work closely with many departments. Having a personal relationship with the physical therapy team, as they took care of her mother in need, Cheri says she is always impressed with the hardworking and dedicated team. “It is incredible to see residents go in there and come back better and happier. They are such a great team, and I am so grateful for them,” she said.

It is wonderful to learn how our Consulate family members embody our core values in their daily tasks. With compassion, integrity, respect, passion, and honesty, our residents around the different care centers can receive the best care. Thanks to individuals such as Cheri, committed to our mission, we are able to excel in the services we offer. Thank you, Cheri, for your hard work and dedication!

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