In our field of work, being able to connect with people makes a significant impact on the care we offer. Kelly Rogan, business development coordinator at The Pavilion at St. Luke Village, is known for her ability to build positive relationships with those around her. With a smile on her face, Kelly comes to work with contagious energy and never fails to show compassion for the residents and staff. 

With her position, Kelly serves as the point of contact for the resident’s families and the care center. She enjoys being able to meet the families when they first come to the center and make herself available to answer any questions they might have. “I want to reassure the family members that we have dedicated staff that will be committed to caring for their loved ones always,” she said. “I want both the residents and their families to feel comfortable with me by showing compassion and attending to their needs.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many visitation restrictions were put in place to guarantee the safety of the residents and staff at Pavilion at St. Luke. With that, Kelly is working extra hard to ensure the families are being updated and having their concerns addressed. “It is a hard time for everyone. Being able to be there for the families and the residents is amazing,” she explained. Kelly explains she is grateful to be in a position where she can offer help to those in need during these challenging times.

Kelly joined the Consulate family a year ago and has become a valuable member of the center’s team. Her coworkers described Kelly as being an exuberant and passionate individual. Her motivation is impeccable. She is regularly seen visiting the residents and taking her time to connect with each of them.

 “Passion is a huge part of who I am.                  I am passionate about what I do and the connections I can make.”

“Passion is a huge part of who I am. I am passionate about what I do and the connections I can make,” Kelly explained. It is not hard to see her passion for what she does. She constantly goes above and beyond her daily tasks to help her coworkers in need. Kelly’s favorite aspect about working at The Pavilion at St. Luke is how collaboratively the team works. She loves being able to be a resource for her community.

Kelly loved to spend time cooking for her family and friends in her free time, always learning new recipes. She also loves animals and says her dream is to have a farm and rescue all the dogs in need. Kelly spends a lot of her time after work playing with her two sweet dogs and taking care of her garden.

Her love for people and human interaction is what led her to this field. The staff at The Pavilion at St. Luke Village is super thankful to have Kelly on their team. Her compassion and ability to build positive connections with those around her make Kelly a unique part of our Consulate family. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to our residents, families, and staff, Kelly!

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