Mary Pat Reyes started working at Englewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center seven years ago as an Assistant Director of Nursing. Prior to coming to the center, she has worked in the long-term care industry since 2001 and was able to bring her experience to the team at Englewood.  In 2019, Mary transitioned into the Director of Nursing position. Her willingness to help the staff to provide the best service to the residents makes her the perfect fit for the position.

Her co-workers described Mary as “an inspiration for our entire team.” The nurses at the care center know they can always count on Mary to help when and where they need her. Denise Cornish, RN and MDS Coordinator at Englewood Nursing and Rehab, said, “Mary never let the challenges keep her down, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. She demonstrates commitment and leadership with compassion for residents as well as the staff.”

As the DON, Mary values her ability to help the nurses and assist them through the day to ensure positive residents’ outcomes. She believes that it is also part of her position to be a good model for her staff. By teaching her team new skills, explaining rules and regulations, and simply being there if they need her, Mary continuously exemplifies her incredible leadership skills. In addition to that, she also tried to always encourage her staff by giving them a note, call, or even a tasty candy. Her nurses greatly appreciate it.

“I have an indescribable passion for my job and what I do here, taking care of our residents.”

Mary says her favorite part about working at Englewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is teamwork. The team worked cohesively to put their residents and their needs as a top priority, and Mary is an excellent part of that. “We have an incredible team here and developed great teamwork throughout the departments,” Mary explained. “I am grateful to have such a wonderful team.”

With over 20 years of experience in long-term care, Mary also gave younger nurses a bit of excellent advice to succeed in the field. “Long-term care can be challenging, but it is also very heartwarming,” she said. “Never forget how rewarding it is to see positive resident outcomes that you have been a part of when you see things improving and know you contributed to that.”

Mary truly enjoys spending time at the care center, and her team has become a family. During her free time, she loves spending time with her grandbaby and two kids. She makes it a priority to see her family and enjoy their time together. Mary also likes to walk along the beach and to learn new cooking recipes.

Mary’s passion for her job, empathy, and compassion for her staff makes her a truly valuable member of our Consulate team. We appreciate all her dedication to her residents and her outstanding commitment to the Englewood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center team. Thank you, Mary, for your leadership and respect!

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