Starting June 17th through the 24th, we celebrate National Nursing Assistant Week. At Consulate Health Care, we use these days to honor our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) for their ongoing commitment to our residents and for providing service with their hearts and hands.

CNAs have an integral part in the care services we offer. They help nurses with health-related care needs and perform a variety of tasks critical for patient success. Nursing assistants play a vital role in providing residents and their families quality care.

We talked to CNA members of our Consulate family about the start of their journey in long-term care and asked them “why did you become a CNA?” We compiled here some of their responses:

Gordon McClellan Jr, CNA at Envoy of Williamsburg – “I became a CNA in 2016 because I constantly saw seniors that needed help in their daily tasks, such as using a hoyer, helping with a sit-to-stand or getting in a wheelchair. I love being able to assist people. By being a CNA, I can help the elderly in need, and that makes my day.”

Terri Duke, CNA at Plantation Bay Rehabilitation Center“I became a CNA because I love to help people. It is a passion of mine to make people happy and assist them by performing tasks they cannot do by themselves. I have been doing this kind of work for nine years and I still love it.”

Diane Wells, CNA at Plantation Bay Rehabilitation Center – “I became a CNA because I have always had a passion for the elderly. I knew one day my mom and I would get older and we would need someone to care for us, so I want to do that for others. My residents need caring people to take care of them, and I really like what I do.”

Ginette Castin, CNA at Plantation Bay Rehabilitation Center – “I love to care for people. I became a CNA because it provides me the opportunity to impact people’s lives with the care I provide. Becoming a CNA was an enriching step for my career in health care.”

Mercedes Lowry, CNA at Plantation Bay Rehabilitation Center – “I became a CNA because I love to take care of the elderly residents. I love hearing about their experiences and learn from their knowledge.

Christy Ann Campbell, CNA at Valley View Care and Rehabilitation Center – “Growing up, I was close to my grandmother. When I got older, I moved in with her. It was just me and her the last five years of her life and I was able to take care of her. My grandmother was my inspiration and the reason why I became a CNA.”

Madona Maceda, CNA at Grand Oaks Health & Rehabilitation Center – “I always wanted to be a nurse. When I came to America, I was able to become a CNA and I am very happy with this decision as my goal is to help people.”

Candi Simon, CNA at Consulate Health Cate of St. Petersburg – “I became a CNA to help those in need when they need help the most. I work at the care center since 2018 and I try to provide respect, care and compassion always with a smile.”

Barbara Perrucci, CNA at Consulate Health Cate of St. Petersburg– “I lost my parents when I was young and knew what it was like not to have close family. A lot of residents do not have families nearby or at all, so I became a CNA to be family to those in needs.”

We would like to thank our nursing assistant for the quality service the provide our residents. Consulate Health Care is grateful for your commitment to our mission!

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