Nykeba White has only been working at The Village of Harbor Pointe, in Salisbury, MD, since June 2017, and has already made an extraordinary impact on her colleagues and the patients at the care center. Nykeba has a dual role at the care center, both as the business office manager and the HR coordinator.

Nykeba came to The Village of Harbor Pointe with several years of healthcare experience. Her interest in healthcare began at home, when she took care of her brother who suffered from gran mal seizures. She started working in a nursing home at the age of 17, and later went to work in a dialysis clinic, where she was a hemodialysis technician. While she was working there, she earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and communications.

"Her interest in healthcare began at home..."

While on her professional journey, Nykeba has found her passion for both healthcare and business. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work at Harbor Pointe and learn all that Consulate has to offer. She is also currently working on attaining a master’s degree in health administration.

When we asked Nykeba what motivates her to come to work each day, she mentioned several reasons. First, she mentioned the importance of providing for her family. Next, she mentioned how she is driven to care for her patients who can’t take care of themselves. Finally, she said it is rewarding to provide support to her staff when they have HR issues. She said, “I want the employees to have less to worry about.” Nykeba knows it is important for her employees to leave the building happy at the end of the day, and she believes that it is a great help to create an atmosphere that is fun and feels like home.

At Harbor Pointe, Nykeba has found a family-oriented atmosphere, where staff and residents have close relationships. She will often take a few minutes from her work to go for a walk with a patient. She said that the all of staff is very tuned-in to the residents’ needs, and are great at giving individualized attention.

We asked Nykeba which of our Core Values she thinks is most important, and she chose Integrity. Consulate defines integrity as “doing my job to the best of my ability even when no one is looking.” Nykeba gave us an example of how she demonstrated integrity during a particularly difficult situation. Shortly after starting at Harbor Pointe, an employee, who Nykeba had never met, came to her office and acted very rudely. Nykeba could see that the employee was in emotional distress, and instead of getting drawn into the intense confrontation, Nykeba respectfully and calmly worked with the employee to help her get what she needed.

Nykeba said that she is learning something new every day at Consulate, and she looks forward to continuing her work at Harbor Pointe. She loves that she is in a position to make an impact on her team, and support the staff in providing the best possible care. Nykeba, you are the best, and we look forward to your future with Consulate Health Care!